Based in Ascot, FullMoons Cauldron is a dynamic business that provides craft supplies to clients throughout the local area and worldwide. Established in it's current form in 1961 the company has untold years experience in the Craft and well-being sector. Featuring an Extensive selection of items, the company provides high quality Craft supplies that are ideal for the beginner as well as the experienced crafter. Available on their website at sensible prices, the products are delivered to your door and can be enjoyed by everybody. With knowledgeable friendly employees, FullMoons Cauldron has a dynamic workforce who are qualified to help with your requirements. It's safe to buy online from FullMoons Cauldron. The company supplies a full range of Candle Making Supplies, Precious Metal Clay PMC plus Fimo clays, Encaustic Wax Art to name but a few and from expert staff. Helping clients to select the correct products for their needs, their service is intended to make buying online nice and easy for everyone plus being secure.

     Candle Making Waxes and Additives


   Consistent Professional Quality at Hobbyist prices!   

Candle waxes from FullMoons Cauldron. Paraffin beaded wax, Gel wax, candle wax, container wax reduces wet spots, votive wax, vegetables waxes, natural waxes, gm free waxes, beeswax, bees wax sheets, honeycomb wax, soya+ wax, one pour wax, wax pellets, palm oil stearic acid, sterin, vybar, microwax to harden your wax, over dip to protect transfers and candle painting, carving wax, wax for hurricane lantern candles. carnauba wax for making polish, soy wax, soya+

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Wicking Guide

*Natural Candle Wax*

Natural Eco+R
Pillar Wax
Produced from totally renewable Rapeseed resources - have excellent fragrance retention and scent release, take colour well with our dyes, and are non GM.  So easy to use and pots and pans clean up easily with hot soapy water.

Our Rapeseed oil candle waxes are produced from UK and EU GM free crops.

Suggested Pouring temperature around
80 °C.
Congealing temp 63 °C.

Pillar Candle Wax    Instructions

Note: our container version of Eco+R is currently unavailable.
per kilo £8.70 pillar candle made from natural eco+r wax
5 kilos £39.15
20 kilos £120.96
Gel Wax

Excellent quality Gel candle wax - easy to use - for translucent long lasting container candles.


Wax is supplied clear and can be coloured with our special dyes


MP 70-75 °C  Pour temp 70-90 °C  Instructions

per kilo


candles made with gel wax
5 kilos £43.47
17 kilo £121.38

Our gel wax is produced using Penreco patented technology - EP0871692. This & further national & international patents apply

Paraffin Candle  wax

Beaded format Plain Paraffin wax for Pillar wax candles (add Stearin or Vybar) - the most common type of wax for candle making.

MP 57-59 °C   Pour temp 65-70 °C    Instructions

We also have customers using this wax to seal ends of wood and for dipping Teddy Bears to make room fragrances.  

per kilo £4.67 beaded paraffin wax
5 kilos £21.02
20 kilos £63.44
Note: orders for 100K+ of the PPW will be sent on a Pallet direct from our warehousing facility. Delivery will take a bit longer than normal.  Any other items ordered will be sent separately direct from us as normal for next day delivery.
Container & Votive Candle  paraffin wax

Pre blended for when you want to make candles in containers, or for Votive wax candles. Designed to adhere well to the container with minimum shrinkage - one pour. Much easier than mixing your own!            
MP 54-58
°C    Pour temp 65 °C   Instructions
per kilo £4.65 paraffin tin candle
5 kilos £20.93
20 kilos £63.24
*Natural Candle Wax*  

Vegetable White wax

* GM free - a natural Palm Oil vegetable candle wax for pillar, dinning candles. Holds fragrance well and long lasting. Do not use with latex moulds.
MP 54-58 °C  Pour temp 60 °C. No additives needed   Instructions

Note: sometimes cracking can appear in candles made from this type of wax. This is normal, although rare but can add character to your candles

per kilo £4.93 white vegetable wax candle
5 kilos £22.19
20 kilos £79.76

*Natural Candle Wax*


Soya+CW Container Candle Wax

* GM free - 100% Natural Soy wax for container and votive wax candles. One-fill / pour.

Excellent burning behaviour & fragrance release.

Best left un-coloured to keep it natural.

MP / Pour temp 45 °C     Instructions     No additives needed.


Cosmetic Grade.  Dermatology tested.

Suitable for the making massage candles.


Beaded format.   Does not contain Palm Oil

per kilo


soya+ beaded container wax


5 kilos £26.99
20 kilos £80.64
*Natural Candle Wax*

Soya+PW Pillar Candle Wax

* GM free - 100% natural soy wax for making pillar candles - flaked format
excellent burning behaviour & fragrance release
MP 51 °C   Pour temp 65 °C      Instructions
No additives needed.
Votive candles can be made from either the container or pillar wax
per kilo £6.94 natural soya+ pillar candle
5 kilos £31.23
20 kilos £98.69
*Price Reduction*


Pure Beeswax Pellets. 500 g.  Melt point 64 °C 500 g £8.46 beeswax pellets for candle making
Dip & Carve Candle wax

Designed for dipping & carving! i.e. banana skins
- beaded format
- MP
54-58 °C
- Pouring Temp 60-70°C
per kilo £5.63 dip and carve wax
5 kilos £25.34
20 kilos £76.50
Hurricane Wax / Embed Wax Designed for making Hurricane wax candles, either just shell, over-dip regular candle or make a whole candle but under-wick.
Can also be used for making wax embeds to go into gel wax.  Wax embeds should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge before use to ensure they're cold and gel poured as cool as possible. 
- beaded format
- MP
66-67 °C.  Pour temp 80 °C.
per kilo £4.43 hurricane wax from fullmoons cauldron
5 kilos £19.94
20 kilos £60.18




*Natural Wax*

Palm oil Stearic Acid

Also known as Stearin - Palm oil wax is add to paraffin wax up to 10% to increase opacity,  whiten wax, aid mould release, improve burning quality (do not use with rubber moulds). 100 g £1.00 candle making stearin
500 g £2.69
3 kilos £14.53
25 kilos £86.16
Vybar Vybar can be added to paraffin wax up to 3% in rubber moulds - acts as a hardening agent and toughens a candle - can help scent throw.

Can be used in rubber moulds in place of Stearin. 

Beaded format - MP 59-61 °C
100 g £1.65 vybar
500 g £7.34
3 kilos £39.64
20 kilos



Beeswax sheets

33.5 cm x 20 cm honeycomb sheets for making rolled beeswax candles - Natural


10 sheets £16.63 beeswax sheets - 10 sheets per pack - natural colour
Mini beeswax sheets - 10 natural colour sheets approximately 11 x 20 cm


10 mini sheets £6.50
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Violet 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Purple 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Blue 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Green 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Orange 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Red 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Ivory 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Black 5 sheets £5.95
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Chestnut 5 sheets £5.95 chestnut colour beeswax sheets from
Mini beeswax sheets - 5 coloured sheets per pack approximately 13 x 20 cm

Note:  Shades can vary

Navy 5 sheets £5.95 navy beeswax sheets from

Wax Chips

Would you like to make wax chip / chunk candles but can't be bothered to make the chips?  Help is at hand!  We can now offer you 5 different packs of chips containing duel colours.  Easy to handle with excellent results.  Prepare the candle mould or glass with the relevant wick.  Fill with the cold wax chips and then pour over melted wax to fill the gaps.  You can use Paraffin, Gel or Soya wax.

 multi coloured wax chips

Dark & Light Blue 200 g £7.20 wax chips blue
Bordeaux & Pink 200 g £7.20 wax chips red
Light & Dark Orange 200 g £7.20 orange wax chips
Lilac & Violet 200 g £7.20 buy wax chips wax chips crackers lilac and violet

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* GM Free - the ingredients for these waxes are purchased from GM free crops but because of the wide spread cross contamination caused by GM crops this can not be 100% guaranteed.

With reference to all our natural waxes.  Our manufacturers work closely with the growers of the raw materials to ensure these are farmed from managed and responsible plantations only.  They work with the growers, environmentalists and wildlife agencies to ensure their plants do not come from any source which adds to the destruction of tropical rainforests and wildlife habitats.

Natural Shimmering Wax Crystals to make your own candles with no melting. Just pour in the wax crystals, put in the wick and that's it. No melting, no weighing.

Low melt point wax for Wax Spa machines now available! You'll be able to find this in our Aromatherapy and Wellbeing section

Letter sealing / stamping wax - 10 cm long sticks with wick throughout the length of the wax. Great for personalising wedding invitations, notepaper, cards, invitations - see our Misc page


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